Message from the Division Chief, Rajesh Chandra, MD


Welcome to the Division of General Internal Medicine. The mission of our division is to provide superior quality patient care, maintain high standards of education and teaching, and pursue health services and clinical research so as to create an environment that is conducive for learning, which helps build long-term caring relationships with our patients, as well as encourages professional development and scholarship in the field of clinical and academic general internal medicine.

Our division is home to a very diverse group of physicians whose professional interests span across multiple areas of general medicine including clinical medicine, health services and outcomes research, hospital medicine, primary care and chronic disease management, preventive medicine, patient safety and quality improvement, health care disparities and medical education.

As generalists we are the “big picture” people who focus on the overall clinical situation and attempt to put things into perspective in caring for our patients. As clinicians we are coordinators of care with a specialized skill set to see the patient as a whole and not just focus on one aspect of illness, so as to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan with the goal of restoration of health and wellness in the hospital and beyond. On the general medicine inpatient units, our hospitalists who specialize in inpatient medicine manage complex, acute illness. In the ambulatory setting, our general internists offer continuous care emphasizing prevention, health promotion and maintenance, and management of chronic illnesses. In both settings, the coordination of care, including the judicious use of subspecialty colleagues, is a key function of the general medicine faculty.

The division has two separate sections at two sites, one located at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and the other at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.

The section at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is primarily a clinical and educational enterprise focused on the delivery of high-quality inpatient and outpatient medical care in a stimulating educational environment. This section is home to a core group of outstanding clinician-educators who have put together a very robust hospitalist service comprising of both teaching and non-teaching clinical care models, both of which have been highly acclaimed and welcomed. In addition, the section faculty here provides preceptorship in a very vibrant onsite resident-run ambulatory clinic.

The section at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center has been the research hub of the division and has done some outstanding work to promote academic general medicine and health care quality. This section boasts of some highly talented clinician researchers, primary care providers and inpatient clinicians who have been innovative medical teachers and role models for medical students and residents. The faculty at the VA provide inpatient general medical care, ambulatory care through the FIRM clinics and also staff the VA Emergency Department.